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Under the powerful claim ¨ONE WORLD ONE TRIBhE¨, this ambitious project founded renowned music producers and djs who break cultural, religious and racial barriers to remind everyone that all belongs to the same race and our universal language is the music.

The concept turnaround the global cultures his art and music. TRIBhE makes visual fusion from the 5 continents tribes showing all that unites us.

The meaning of TRIBhE is the fusion of words: ¨Tribe¨ Traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social or blood ties and ¨He¨ it's anyone of us.

The line up hosted by the TRIBhE resident Dj´s & producers includes international names such as Chus & Ceballos, Nick Warren, John Acquaviva, and current hot producers such as &ME, Betoko, Mendo, Olivier Giacomotto, Manuel de la Mare, Luigi Rocca, Dj Diass, Natural Flow, Claudio Ricci, Brigado Crew and Who Else.

With the special participation of the photographer Paolo Regis, recognised for his incredible work in art & fashion, and especially because of his work as official Italian photographer of the Dalai Lama, preacher of peace and global union. Art exhibitions organised by Coburn Project bringing to the island the biggest Galleries and artists like Opera Gallery NYC.



We live like bees in a hive, we have not realized that our lives have changed in recent decades and how we were turned into social classes. We live as wax each other in constant human agglomerations and turn our lives are distant.

The comparable to hives modern cities are marked by the population and the frenetic pace of life is always under the watchful eye of power of the queens.

Hiveh Ibiza is a project where DJs, producers, artists and designers dare show his art the positive side of modern life and the incredible artistic movements that have arisen within this frenzied hives.

Electronic music is one of the most important artistic movements that have emerged from these. Therefore the project HiveH its pure electronic sound based on Techno & Tech House with the participation of major international artists such as Mark Knight, DJ Sneak Betoko, Christian Smith, Chelina Manuhutu, Coyu, Dosem and Mendo and many mores.

Urban art, fashion and design be present thanks to the participation of the iconic SPRMRKT shop based in Amsterdam've Ibiza. They are responsible for the Fashion Showcase where avant-garde staging limit leads to body language models who wear the new collections of Rick Owens, Julius-7, 11 by BBS, Marques Almeida, Y Project among others.

HIVEH is a tribute to the genre originated in the Motor City, where the 'Belleville Three'; Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, and Juan Atkins, sculpted Detroit’s sound through combining African American music, the likes of Chicago house, funk, and jazz, with electronic music by artists such as Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra.

The use of music production technology, such as drum machines, synthesisers, and digital audio workstations, is significant to Techno’s aesthetic.